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Doggie Handshake outdoors with their owner

Dog transportation services and more 

At CM Balanced K9 Dog Training - Alloa, Scotland, I understand that every dog is unique, and my training programs are designed to bring out the best in your furry friend. I also provide a number of other services including dog transportation and dog walks.

Let's build a balanced and happy future for your canine companion.

Experienced Trainer

Free Consultation

Competitive Pricing


To book a dog training class, dog transportation, dog walk or to find out how CM Balanced K9 Dog Training can help further, get in touch with me today by clicking on the call buttons or via the Contact page by clicking below.

A german shepherd walking alongside a trainer

Dog Training

My dog training plan can help with:

  • Basic Obedience: Lay the foundation for a well-behaved and responsive dog.

  • Advanced Training: Take your dog's skills to the next level with advanced commands and behaviours.

  • Behaviour Modification: Address and correct unwanted behaviours through balanced reinforcement.

  • Private sessions: Personalised one-on-one training which includes the dog owner for a more tailored approach.


£70 - 1 Hour Session

£130 - 2 Hour Sessions

Dog Transportation

Dogs may be our best friends but just like best friends they can have a tendency to be tricky at times, this is especially apparent when comes to being transported in cars as they tend to get a bit over excited or apprehensive throughout the journey which can make travelling a tough call.
I try to make the journey as pleasant, safe and relaxing as possible for your dog and treat every furry friend like it's our own so you can rely on me getting them where you need them to be like it's a member of the family.


£130 | Up to 10 miles

£10 flat fee for anything over 10 miles

£10 + £1 per mile

Dogs at the back of a car with the boot open
A group of dogs on a leash outdoors

Dog Walker

One of the main ways to keep a dog happy and healthy is through regular exercise. My dog walker service can be a short 30-minute walk to a longer 1 hour walk. We also have a more exercised focused faster pace walk option which can help for those that are that bit more active or are in need of that bit more.

Dogs are not usually walked in groups unless from the same household or carefully chosen because of the breed or maybe they know each other already - social interactions help in more ways than one.


£15 | 1 Hour Session

"Chris is my dog trainer and is very knowledgeable with different dog breeds. It's been night and day from the first time he had my dog out and I would highly recommend this trainer!

- Ramsay

Dog playing outside smiles up at the camera

Something not listed?

Can't find a service or information, then please give me a call or get in touch via the Contact Us page where I will be more than happy to assist further.

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