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A dog being told to stay by a trainer

CM Balanced K9 Dog Training

Based in Alloa, Scotland, I provide dog training services using balanced reinforcement to build a relationship of trust between you and your canine companion. Book an appointment today for your first consultation with a professional dog trainer.

Give me a call today to schedule a consultation and training plan.

Well Established

All Breeds Welcomed

Competitively Priced


At CM Balanced K9 Dog Training I have a number of dog training class schedules to suit all dogs regardless of breed, age and ability. I can help with a number of situations from obedience, social, trust and any behaviour difficulties to name a few.
I work in line with effective teaching philosophies and have proven to be very successful in addressing any areas that needs work.

German shepherd dog walking alongside a trainer

Dog Training

1-2-1 Session includes obedience, recall, loose leash walking & behaviour issues.

Dogs in the back of a car with the cage open

Dog Transportation

Needing to transport your pooch? I can help with a safe and secure transportation.

A group of dogs on a leash outdoors

Dog Walker

1-2 hour walks with a casual varied route to more exercise focused walks.

"Met Chris and vlue for the fist time today and can honesltly say within 5 mins there was a vast improvement on my friends xl bully. He was so down to earth and had answers for every questioned asked and gave you a detailed explanation which was easy to understand . Must admit he had me in stitches with his action when explaining things. Highly recommend him he's a gem 💎"

A dog holding a tennis ball in it's mouth

Things I can address

  • Walking nicely on a lead

  • Coming back when called

  • Not jumping up and lunging on the lead

  • Learning to stay or wait

  • Emergency stops and safety cues

  • Muzzle training

  • Harness training

A young dog outdoors being told to stay
A husky with blue eyes closeup outdoors

Troublesome Canine?

Bad behaviour around visitors, other pets or even with yourself as an owner can be difficult to tackle and hard to understand as unfortunately our pets do not speak our language (or at least the one we know so well).


This is where I come in and have successfully helped transform the lives of many of my customers who have faced challenges when it comes to dog behaviours with my dog training classes.

Two Dogs Running side by side

Book a session today

Give me a call today to receive a quick consultation and arrange a home visit to start scheduling a dog training plan for your pooch.

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